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Choir Auditions!


Please email the choir director to set up an audition time!

What to prepare:

- Major Scale

- My Country 'Tis of Thee

- Sightreading

Jazz Choir Auditions info

What you need to prepare for jazz auditions:


  1. Blues Scale

  2. Scat Solo

  3. Prepared SATB jazz piece (see choir bulletin board)


Please sign up with Stek for a lunch time the week of February 4th


For the prepared SATB piece, you will pick which part to learn in advance, and then in the audition you will sing your part while the other parts are played around you. Please be solid in your part!

SATB Piece: We Kiss in a Shadow

Soprano Track

Alto Track

Tenor Track

Bass Track

Full Track

Scat Solo

over Bb blues changes


Scat Solo

over Bb blues changes


Blues Scale


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Good luck!

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